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Developing for OkorieWare ™ Software House website has been, for us, a deep dive into web development and maintenance.
During this endeavour, we have come to embrace a multi-discipline of skills and best practices, encompassing, web (design and coding), database (design and coding), server side (configuration, coding, and maintenance), and domain (configuration and maintenance).
We also drew from our existing background in Software Development with C#, Kotlin, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, .NET, WPF, WebExtensions, OOP, MVVM, Graphic Editing and Design, and Audio Editing.
Our present goal is to resume our focus on software development, and to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile software, through the creation of seamless cross platform applications.
The Software
ScrapBookMark • This one started out as a personal project to restore lost functionality in Firefox  .
When Firefox transitioned from XUL to the WebExtensions API  , many browser extensions became obsolete, include one that was an objectively inseparable feature of the browser experience, ScrapBook Plus by haselnus.
OkorieWare ™ ScrapBookMark can confidently boast to both restore and improve upon the functionality of its predecessor. After seeing how versatile and robust this application had become during its development period, publishing it for your enjoyment became the natural progression.
ScrapBookMark is available in two flavours, Standard (free for personal use), and Premium (with excellent productivity features).
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TubeTag • This one is an oldie but a goldie.
Archiving media on a mobile device can be needlessly tedious. OkorieWare ™ TubeTag relieves some of that tedium, by tagging YouTube   media with its Author and Unique ID, while also sanitizing the filename in order to prevent typical file transfer difficulties.
Free for personal use.
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