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Frequently Asked Questions


To create a new password, on the right side of the Navigation Bar, click the Account Icon    and choose Activate.


From the Navigation Bar, select Downloads, select a product, and click Buy Now.

If you have performed a refund, allow 7 days before making another purchase.
If you have performed multiple refunds, unfortunately, the system will permanently flag you as high risk.


One per user (e.g. one for each windows login user profile)

Coupon Discount Earned from referrals, is applied on the beginning of the next billing cycle.

If you change your computer hardware or perform a System Restore, you may need to reset your License Key(s).
Login, then click the Account Icon    on the right side of the Navigation Bar, select Manage, select the effected purchase, tick the effected License Key, and click Reset Selected Key(s).

active (Ready)
awaiting (Awaiting payment)
cancelled (First payment failed or Cancelled by customer)
changing (Scheduled to change billing cycle)
pausing (Scheduled to pause future billing)
paused (Paused)

It is straight forward to perform a refund.
Login, then click the Account Icon    on the right side of the Navigation Bar, select Manage, select the purchase that you want refunded, and click Refund.
You have 14 days after a purchase within which to perform a refund.
Refunds may be subject to tax and processing fees.

It is preferable to pause billing, and billing can remain paused for an indefinite period.
It is recommended to not perform a cancellation, because the system may flag you as high risk.


The License Key grants the use of a product, specific to the Primary and Revision version numbers at the time of purchase.
Updates are inclusive, and will be provided in perpetuity.

Version Numbers are composed of three numbers, e.i. 1.2.3 (primary.revision.update).

ScrapBookMark Extension is the Firefox sidebar UI that will list and help to organise your saved pages.
ScrapBookMark Companion is the background program that will store and retrieve your saved pages.

To use this website reliably, do not block scripts for the following domains:

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Payment Processor:

The preferred place to report bugs is at OkorieWare on GitHub  .
Alternatively, you may report bugs using the Feedback Form, accessible on the Contact Us section of the About page.